Hi, I'm Knut!

Knut is a small, battery powered, Wi-Fi enabled sensor hub that enables you to monitor your environment innear–real time.

You can use Knut to monitor the temperature of your home or aquarium, tell if someone has opened your liquor cabinet or refrigerator door, and thousands more uses that we haven't imagined yet - but you will!

How does Knut work?

Knut wirelessly connects multiple sensors to your mobile device (iPhone, Android) or home computer (PC, Mac). Because Knut uses email to send and receive data, it does not require any subscriptions or fees.

Knut connects to your iPhone via wifi

What can Knut do?

Quite a lot, actually. With Knut's free mobile app, you can:

Graphs CSV Alerts

Look at graphs of your Knut's
measurements over time

Export CSV spreadsheets of
measured data

Receive an alert when Knut detects a problem

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How do I get one?


For the time being, you can get your very own Knut by pre-ordering from Hi-Tek Electronics. There are extra sensors available too, so go check it out!

Check out the Kickstarter page!
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